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From the people who brought you drama, democracy, and alarm clocks, we now present the simple perfection of GRK.

Our new take on classic Greek food brings you fresh flavors like you’ve never tasted.


Fresh Flavors, Ancient Secrets

In 2009, the concept of GRK Fresh was created to fill the void in the market for a high quality and authentic Greek Yeero, a staple in Greece and an ever present symbol of Greek culture internationally. GRK Fresh was conceived by Manhattan-based Founder and CEO, George Nikas, who has over 25 years of experience in the food processing and food service industries with the mission to provide authentic Yeeros and Greek cuisine to all.

The concept behind GRK Fresh was born around the Yeero (a term coined from the phonetic spelling of the word “gyro”) as the focal point. Three years were spent developing this concept before we opened the first “fresh-casual” Greek restaurant in September of 2012 in the flourishing Financial District of New York City. Today, GRK Fresh is thriving with locations in Manhattan, Washington D.C., Dubai, and Qatar, with additional expansion plans underway globally.


  • Made-to-order to customer specifications
  • In-store baked pita
  • In-store vertical spit roasted meat
  • Made to order Grilled items


  • Premium quality, locally-sourced, grass and grain fed meat
  • USDA Approved
  • Local Produce from small purveyors


  • Imported Greek ingredients (Yogurt, Honey, Olive Oil, Spices)
  • Hand layered and spit roasted meat
  • Traditional recipes with a modern twist


  • Carefully developed signature recipes
  • Tzatziki and marinades
  • Clean label approach
  • Gluten free meat products